Papers and Reports

“Above all, the common law is by the people (lawyers, judges, legislatures), of the people (juries, lay magistrates), for the people preserving and guarding its independence… the independence of the judiciary… and the independence of the advocate to do his duty not as the servant of his client but as the officer of an independent court.”

A Selection of Papers and Reports

  "From Cambridge into the Law and the World of Arbitration" : The Inaugural Cambridge Lecture: The Arbitration Journal of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Vol 82 No 3, August 2016. [download]  
  "Judicial Independence and the Removal of Judges" with Lydia Banerjee" : Unpublished, July 2013 [download]  
  "The Rule of Law Papers " : published in The International Lawyer: Vol 43 No 1; Spring 2009 [download]  
  "IBA Report on the Trial of the Chief Justice of Gibraltar" : London, 2002. [download]  
  "Changes in Europe 1992 and The Eastern European Dimension" : Miami, 1991. [download]  
  "The Consequences of the EC Single Market for the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Political Dimension" : Interlaken, Switzerland, 1991. [download]  
  "Today's Target: The Professions" : FIDIC Conference, Auckland, New Zealand, 1986. [download]  
  "The Ever-Increasing Extraterritorial Impact of US Laws: A Cause For Concern" : New York, USA, 1978. [download]  
  "Neglecting the Virtues of the Common Law" : New York, USA, 1976. [download]  
  "The Verdict of the Jury" : New York, USA, 1975. [download]