Arbitral Appointments

Since January 2000 I have received in excess of 300 international and domestic Arbitral Appointments. I set out below a selection from these appointments.

Date of Appointment Arbitral Institute Parties and nature of Arbitration Monies in Dispute
December 2013 ICC Dispute between the sub-contractor and the main contractor relating to the construction of an electric power station in Afghanistan. [President] US$54.5 Million
May 2004 ICC Agency dispute between a Korean car manufacturer and an Omani distributorship. [Co-Arbitrator] US$30 Million
August 2012 GAFTA A contractual dispute between a Ukraine Company, as sellers, and a Swiss Company, as buyers, for the sale of 100,000 metric tons of Ukrainian Feed Corn. [Chairman] US$ 27 Million
April 2005 ICDR A dispute between a Dutch Water and Sewage Services Company and the Government of Belize arising out of the privatisation of the Belize water and sewage industry. [Co-Arbitrator] US$25 Million
November 2005 ICDR A dispute relating to the sale of 25,000 metric tonnes of Vanilla beans from an Indian Ocean island to the USA. [Chairman] US$23 Million
May 2001 Hungarian Arbitration Court A dispute between a US Power Company and two state-owned Hungarian Power Companies relating to environmental clear-up costs arising out of the sale of three power plants and one coal mine by the Hungarian State Companies to the US company. [Co-Arbitrator] In excess of US$20 Million
October 2011 ICC Joint venture disputes (contained in six arbitrations) between a major international Hotel Group, as managers, and a Moroccan Company, as owners, relating two a large hotel and residence complex in Morocco. [Co-Arbitrator] €20 Million
December 2009 LCIA A dispute relating to the sale of 165,000 metric tons of Russian Washed Coal between a Swiss Company, as sellers, and a Bulgarian Company, as buyers. [Sole Arbitrator] US$16 Million
March 2003 Ad hoc A dispute between a US Company, designing and developing aircraft simulators, and the UK Government. [Co-Arbitrator] In excess of US$15 Million
August 2010 ICC A dispute between a Dutch Company, as supplier, and an Indian company, as buyer, relating to the supply of liquid oxygen and nitrogen to an iron and steel plant in Oman. [Co-Arbitrator] US$14 Million
September 2001 ICC A dispute between a French company and an Indian company relating to the provision of telecommunications in India. [Co-Arbitrator] US$10 Million
November 2007 LCIA Disputes (contained in two arbitrations) arising out of a joint venture between an Australian Company, as seller, and an Indian company, as buyer, for the sale of Prime Hard Coking Coal. [Co-Arbitrator] US$8 Million
May 2005 LCIA A commodities dispute between an Indian Company and a Cypriot Company relating to the sale of 60,000 metric tons of ash metallurgic coke. [Co-Arbitrator] US$6 Million
February 2007 ICC A dispute between an Abu Dhabi main contactor and a Korean manufacturer & supplier of evaporator units for installation in a desalination plant in Kuwait. [Co-Arbitrator] US$5.5 Million
January 2008 GAFTA A dispute relating to sale of 25,000 metric tons of Russian Milling Wheat from the Crimea [Chairman] US$5.5 Million
July 2014 KLRCA A dispute between an independent electric power plant and the Malaysian Grid System Operator relating to the supply of electricity into the Malaysian National Grid. [Presiding Arbitrator] RM23 Million (US$5.2 Million)
January 2005 GAFTA A dispute relating to the sale of 100,000 metric tonnes of Sorghum. [Chairman] US$4.7 Million
November 2013 LCIA A dispute between a Panamanian company and a Swiss company relating to the supply of Russian Hot Rolled Coils being shipped from the Russian port of Astrakhan in the Black Sea. [Chairman] US$4 Million
August 2000 AAA A dispute between a US IT Software Company and a major retailer in Kuwait over the software systems developed by the US Company for the Kuwait Company. [Sole Arbitrator] In excess of US$2 Million
November 2007 LCIA Two parallel arbitrations relating disputes concerning the sale and condition of coking coal from Australia to India [Co-Arbitrator]. US$2 Million
June 2008 GAFTA A dispute relating to sale of 35,000 metric tons of Ukrainian Wheat [Chairman] US$1.6 Million
September 2002 LCIA A dispute relating to the development and licensing of a pharmaceutical product between UK pharmaceutical consultants and a Dutch pharmaceutical company. [Sole Arbitrator] UK£1.5 Million
November 2003 Ad hoc A dispute relating to the copyright on a pharmaceutical product between a Belgian pharmaceutical company and an English pharmaceutical company. [Sole Arbitrator] UK£500,000
November 2002 LMAA A maritime dispute between the ship owners and the cargo receivers for demurrage and damages arising out of the shipment of bagged rice from Thailand to Nigeria. [Co-Arbitrator] US$150,000
March 2000 LCIA Agency dispute between a UK company and a Swedish company relating to the sale and delivery of mobile telephones to Saudia Arabia. [Sole Arbitrator] UK£100,000
March 2000 Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Expert Determination in a dispute between a property owner and a construction company on Parliamentary Undertakings arising out of the building of the extension of the Jubilee Underground Railway. [Sole Arbitrator] -